solar powered camping tent

Solar- powered camping tent- Creative portable camping tent equipment

Solar-powered camping tent is one of the latest innovations of camping tent equipment in the market. This portable solar power tent will surely make your camping trip much more exciting and comfortable too. When it comes to the choices of equipments to carry on your camping trip, you can have several different options in these days. This type of camping tent equipment will provide more conveniences of your home and also being more environmental friendly, which allows you to operate virtually for free. At present, there are so many types of portable solar-powered camping accessories available that comes with this creative portable camping tent equipment that includes,

  • Solar chargers
  • Solar ovens
  • Solar showers
  • Solar lanterns
  • Solar water distiller
  • Radios and fans
  • Portable solar generators


Moreover, this solar powered camping tent is also a great investment at any point that brings you backup power. You can get to use that power for a day or two cloudy days and also have stored up to use the reserve power. In the very short few years, this camping tent equipment has come a long way and bring you a little bit of more luxury camping experience. In these days, the solar panels are available everywhere that provides own energy system, when camping. This camping tent equipment is very simple to setup and also ultimately convenient to use. During the camping trips, this equipment will take a good care of power supply.

Advantages of using solar power camping accessory

When you are making use of these solar power camping accessories, there are lots of advantages included in this and some of them are:

  • The solar power camping tent accessories are completely safe and efficient to use.
  • When you are using a solar oven or solar lantern, there are no open fuels or flames to deal with. This will help you prevent the forest fires even in very dry conditions.
  • When compared to any other conventional batteries, the solar batteries have longer life and also recharge for free during the day.
  • With no depletion or fuel emissions of natural resources, the solar powered camping accessories can operate more cleanly and quietly as possible.
  • All these different selection of portable solar accessories can help you to make the amazing camping experience with full of joy and fun.
  • Able to charge mobile devices and stay in contact. You’ll be able to continuously send sexy selfies to your partner J


Factors to consider before buying solar panel tent equipment

Before purchasing this portable equipment for your solar powered camping tent, you just consider the following factors given below:

Will you buy a power bank or a solar panel?

In order to make a wise decision, first you have to focus on which electric device you will use while camping. If you are using only camera and a smart phone, the solar panel will do its job. But if you are using a smart phone, laptop or charge a camera and anything else, you just consider purchasing a power bank. There are different power banks with the various capacities available to choose from.

How can you attach your solar panel to tent?

It is recommended to attach the panels to the roof of your tent. You can also possible to attach them to the trees or any other objects. One of the best ways to attach the solar panel to the tent is using the rubber rope and climbing hooks.

Will you car camping or backpacking?

If you are going to backpack, first of all you must know the size and weight of your backpack. When you are backpacking, it is better to select the foldable solar panels, because this is quite smaller as well as better. The best option in this situation is just limit your electric gadgets while backpacking.

Where do you buy this solar camping tent?

This solar camping tent is really very interesting and great innovation in today’s world. Actually, this solar powered camping tent is made by the Orange, which is a leading brand of the France Telecom Group, who is one of the top most telecommunication operators in the world. Now, you can find this latest technological equipment in several online websites and place your order to buy this tent.

Paypal: Money with the Speed of Light

PayPal Holdings, Inc. or what most people know as Paypal, is an American company that enables money transfers online and serves as a paperless and electronic alternative to traditional means of transactions such as money and checks.

As of today, PayPal has become one of the top contenders in the online payment industry. Not only is it fast and secured, it also has Paypal Buyer Protection which reimburses you if your item does not arrive or if it does not fit the item description. If you want to return your item for refund, they will also be willing to reimburse you up to a fix amount. If you’re looking for high risk transactions, Paypal wont work for you. Sites that are for milf pics have to use different payment processors because their content is adult in nature and fall under high-risk transactions.

All of these sounds amazing but with great things comes humble beginnings.


It all started in 1998 when the ancestor of Paypal was born in the name of Fieldlink. Fieldlink, founded by Max Levchin and Peter Thiel, was advertised as a security focused firm that allowed users to keep encrypted information on a Palm Pilot as well as other PDA devices, enabling the handheld devices to turn into digital wallets. During this time, digital wallets were being marketed as safer alternatives to real wallets because they cannot be stolen.

Later, Fieldlink was renamed to Confinity in which Luke Nosek and Ken Howery were added to the founders. It became a company that developed software security for handheld devices and enabled encryption of information thus, creating the first digital wallet.


Paypal was developed and launched as a money transferring platform and was funded by John Malloy and BlueRun Ventures. During this time, Paypal also appears as an online demo that allowed US dollars to be sent as email payments and enabled consumers to have a taste of the future of electronic wallets.


Confinity merged with which was founded by Elon Musk and loses its name. Bill Harris, president and CEO oF had a disagreement with Elon Musk and left the company on May 2000. Elon Musk became the chairman and chief executive.

On October of the same year, Elon Musk decided to focus on Paypal’s money service and cancelled all of its other online banking services.

Paypal also slowly made their way to eBay. Paypal founded a business opportunity with eBay and when eBay agreed they enabled consumers to pay on eBay via Paypal and that skyrocketed the number of users Paypal had and made Paypal more known.

2001 was officially rebranded to Paypal.


Paypal joined the world of publicly traded companies and was able to raise $70.2 million for its IPO. eBay acquired Paypal in July for $1.5 billion.  Around 1 out of 4 buyers are Paypal users. It became the most popular modes of payment among its users.


Paypal became a payment option for eBay.UK users, resulting in a 300% increase in revenue, $1.4 billion.


Verisign payment solution was acquired which enabled the expansion of its online business and provided additional security support which reduced the chances of hacking.


Paypal expanded internationally by adding 10 new currencies including the swiss franc and Singaporean dollar.


Paypal announced partnership with MasterCard which enabled the launch of PayPal Secure Card Service which allowed customers to pay on websites that do not allow PayPal directly. PayPal also moved operations across the EU. By the end of 2007 PayPal generated $1.8 billion in revenue.


On January 2008 acquired Fraud Sciences, an Israeli program that prevented frauds and improved security for $169 million. They also acquired their rival company, Bill Me Later, which is an online payments company which transacts with over 9000 online users in the US thus increasing yet again its sphere of influence.


PayPal had over 100 million active user accounts running through different markets and enabled transaction in 25 different currencies. By the end of 2010 PayPal experienced a DoS attack which was reportedly linked to the cessation of donation to WikiLeaks.


On July, 14 suspected members of the Anonymous hacktivist were charged with trying to disrupt PayPal’s operations. PayPal mobile payments hit $4 billion during this time.


Mobile payments more than tripled to $14 billion and PayPal also announced its partnership with Discovery Card.


13 alleged members of the Anonymous Hacktivist pleaded guilty to misdemeanor and felony acts. PayPal also acquired the software IronPearl and Braintree to further develop its programs and services.


PayPal president, David Marcus, left the company and was succeeded by Dan Schulman who was previously the Virgin Mobile CEO and American Express Executive VP. On September 30, there was an announcement that eBay would spinoff PayPal into a separate company. Carl Icahn was the one who demanded this move on 2013.


On July 18, the spinoff was finally completed. PayPal also announced that will be acquiring the company Xoom. The acquisition of Xoom strengthened PayPal’s international market and provided access to Xoom’s active users which accounted for 1.3 million. On September, PayPal launched the peer-to-peer payment platform, “PayPal.Me” It enabled peers to request funds from other peers via text or mail.


PayPal joined Fortune 500 for the first time. PayPal also operates in 202 markets and has 188 million active, registered accounts and allows customers to send, receive and hold funds in 25 currencies worldwide.